Entrusting your beloved pet to the care of others should be a big decision. Nothing can replace your personal experience, but to help you, here are some personal experiences of our clients.  

We encourage new and repeat clients to let everyone know how their pet’s visit – so we can brag a little, but more to learn how to improve. Click on some column headings to sort the data.



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Location Date Rating Review
Scott Creek 11-26-2017 5 Love Country Comfort! Jen and the entire staff are wonderful to pets and their parents! Picked my Desi up today after a six day stay, and got a full report of his activities, smelled sweet from his complimentary bath! Would not take him anywhere else! - Karen Black
08-22-2017 5 I needed a last minute boarding solution for my Malamute and Husky which lead me to Country Comfort Kennels. Quick and easy, the great staff at CCK got me taken care of so I could enjoy my vacation. I am a happy customer and give their team and grounds a 5 star rating. Feel confident in using CCK! - Kevin Greif
Shrewsbury 07-02-2017 5 We are so much at ease knowing our dogs are getting excellent care at CCK while we are away. The facility is clean (no bad smells either) and appears well maintained.The activity sessions offered are a huge plus also as many other kennels do not offer this. This keeps our pets active and happy! It is definitely worth the expense and travel to us to take them here! - Wes & Sue VanWyk
Shrewsbury 11-19-2016 5 Due to a last minute change, we had to quickly find a kennel. We were very impressed with Country Comfort Kennels! Xander was at home there. Thanks for your outstanding care! - Jenny
Shrewsbury 05-03-2016 5 I have been boarding my dogs at country comfort for quite a while now. Its such a nice facility, always clean and welcoming. My dogs love it, so much that I have recommended this kennel to my friends and family. I also love that they go above and beyond, sending out gift cards to use, its a great surprise. Can not say enough kind words about this facility. We have boarded at both Shrewsbury and the Scott Creek locations. I have worked in the veterinary field for over 8 years and also worked in kennels, so I can be picky about the hands I leave my pets in, and this is theonly place I will board anymore. - Brett Knickel
Jarrettsville 09-15-2015 5 From the start, I was made to feel very comfortable by a warm and friendly staff. In particular, Miss Crystal went the extra mile to ease my concerns. Sumo has now stayed several times and I couldn't be happier. HE comes home clean and slips right back into our home routine. Highly recommend - Mark Arenberg/ Sumo
Shrewsbury 06-24-2015 5 My cocker spaniel Abbe and I love country comfort kennels! Abbe is boarded there when I vacation and attends day camp when I have errands to run. She looks forward to going and playing with the other dogs. All of the ladies working there are like a burst of sunshine when you walk through the door. Very welcoming and genuinely friendly. Would rate higher than five stars if I could. Thank you Carla, Amanda, Brittany, and all the other great girls/guys for always taking such great care of Abbe! I would never consider going anywhere else..... - Loretta Hamm
Scott Creek 06-12-2015 5 We have been bringing our dog Cora here for like 5 years or more. They love Cora as much as Cora loves going here. My dog just walks off with whoever takes her in the back and does not look to me at all. This makes me feel good that Cora feels that comfortable with the staff here. - Janet and Jerry Jones
Jarrettsville 10-10-2014 5 The staff has gone beyond the call of duty in caring for our babies. When our beagle Tessa got ill she was promptly shuttled to the vet and later ER. After recovering she was returned and nurtured and pampered. All this while we were across the country. We were monitoring the situation and stood by ready to return if the situation worsened but she was fine and the folks at Country Comfort had everything taken care of. Our yorkies Zack and Googer are always happy there as well. We are so very grateful for the kind folks at Country Comfort ! - Cheryl and Ellsworth Hall
Shrewsbury 09-05-2014 5 this was the first time that our sherlock would be away from us since we got him. the staff reasured me that he would be okay, and he was! they said i could call anytime to check on him (to ease my nerves really) i did this once. i will let everyone know that this kennel can be trusted and take care of your babies really well. thank you to all the staff at this kennel for taking good care of our 6month old puppy for 3 days. - alane
Shrewsbury 08-06-2014 5 This past weekend was Maggie's first stay in a kennel for several years. In the past it would take over a week to get over the ordeal of being separated from me. Country Comfort staff performed a miracle in 4 days! They made sure she ate when they saw she wasn't eating. they moved her to a quieter area when they noticed how stressed out she was. When they brought her to us when we picked her up she walked calmly with the kennel employee. Can I give 10 stars? Worth every penny! - Sue
Shrewsbury 04-25-2014 5 Tango stayed again in March 2014. I had concerns because at home when he goes to the dog park he is very particular with whom he plays. Instead of TLC I opted for 2 play groups. The report I got back proved that Tango is just a particular fella and he just plays with that certain someone who attracts his fancy. It is who he is. Now we just have to work on the barking when he is jealous of his chosen friends playing with others! Both Tango and I love the staff and for Tango CCK is his home away from home. Cheers to you all - Lori
Shrewsbury 03-25-2014 5 Great place to leave my babies. Feel secure that they are in good hands. Made another reservation today. - Frances
08-18-2013 5 I never like to leave my dog anywhere because I miss him but when I leave him at Country Comfort Kennels (where I adopted him)I know he is safe and well taken care of. Tango loves the staff and they clearly love him. They prepare his meals as if he was at home. He pays well in play group and loves the TLC. I could not be happier with the staff and the facility. The peace of mind they offer is priceless. - Lori Friedman
Shrewsbury 07-22-2013 5 CCK has been a godsend to me and Tillie. She was a very shy dog afraid of people and I was nervous bringing her the first time. They worked with her during daily daycare visits to make her comfortable with them and now she loves going there to play with the pack. I'm also very comfortable leaving her there when I have to board her because I know she's in great hands with a staff she loves. - Michele
Jarrettsville 06-18-2013 5 This is probably the best kennel I have boarded at. I trust the workers there and the dogs get walks, playtime,groomed very well. I have a friend that's a worker there and when my 2 dogs came home they were probably the happiest dogs in the world, you can tell they just love the staff there and enjoy every minute of their "vacation" I will look forward to boarding here for many more years to come - Kim
Shrewsbury 03-21-2013 5 When I found Country Comfort, I never imagined my severely separation anxiety boxer-lab could do day care. We were working through our issues with a trainer, and still learning that other dogs were okay. Every other, yes every, doggie daycare had turned him away. The staff was warm, open, honest, and well trained. I felt safe leaving him there, knew he was well taken care of, and most importantly that he would be well worn out by the time I picked him up. These are some truly talented folks and I am grateful! - Andrea
Shrewsbury 11-23-2012 5 Today i dropped my dog of at the shrewsbury location and the staff where great. They explained everything to me and made me feel so much better about boarding my dog. I know she will have a great time and that she will be in great hands. - Adam
Jarrettsville 11-07-2012 5 My dog is always happy when he comes home - like a kid coming home from camp, he is happy and sleeps for a few days. They have a fun pond at Jarrettsville and a creek at Scott Creek, so my dogs get to play in the water 2x day. Clean kennels and the workers are very professional. Very nice kennel - 5 stars !!!! - Jackie S.
Shrewsbury 11-07-2012 5 Country Comfort people are great. Prices good. Love the shuttle - so convenient. I trust them. - Barbara Z.
Shrewsbury 11-07-2012 5 Boarded my Sheltie Lassie for 8 days. They took him out to play daily 5 times, and they gave him a complementary bath before I arrived to retrieve him. Lassie got to play with other dogs which he loves and he slept in his own bed which we brought from home. Great job. - Rachel Smithen
Shrewsbury 11-07-2012 4 She (Babes) was well cared for of during her 5 day camp stay in Shrewsbury. They walked her several times a day in their big yard and played ball with her. She loved playing with other dogs too. When I picked her up she didn't smell because shampooed and given hot conditioning treatment. I pleased with how profesional the CCK people were to us and the kennels were maintained well and smelled very clean. I trust them - They took great care of her! - Berniece Troutman PA
Jarrettsville 11-07-2012 4 Country kennels has a very caring staff and a good facility to do the job! That's why I have used them for years and will do so for many more. They're courteous and professional all the time. - Sue W,
Scott Creek 11-07-2012 5 Living in a rural area, it's not easy to find a truly great kennel to leave your dog in without guilt, and a bit of worry. But we found one in Country Comfort in Pennsylvania. Well worth the drive. Our dog had 3 long walks every day, play times, baths, etc. When we called daily to check on her, we received fairly detailed reports on her "mood", activities, eating/sleeping, general health, and even cute stories about her interests during her walks. She received a bath, nail trim, and nice grooming before we picked her up, and she seemed pretty happy to be there. The only place she will stay from now on. Country Comfort provides not only a kennel service, but you can select from a variety of plans for the number of walks, play times, and other special care to give your dog a vacation, too. We have left our dog for a weekend, that turned into a week when we became snowed in, and she was perfectly happy when we returned. They also offer a pick up and delivery service, which is very handy. - M.J.
Scott Creek 11-07-2012 3 I've been coming to Country Comfort every couple weeks for over a year and always have high marks for them, however this visit Daisy our beagle must have gotten into something that made her sick and vomiting in the car on the way home. What a mess. I'll continue to use CC but this time I wasn't so pleased. - Fred D.
Jarrettsville 11-07-2012 5 This is the 7th time we've used Country Comfort Kennels in Jarrettsville. We boarded our two dogs for 9 days and they loved it!!! CCK camp counselors treated our Sugar and Spice as you would like them to be treated. Sugar is 12 and not in the best health. He comes home looking healthy and happy. Spice loves it too so much we have a tough time getting into him into the car. - Tammy and Bill W.
Shrewsbury 11-07-2012 4 Country Comfort Kennels is the only place that I'm aware that takes my dogs outside. They don't leave them in a room or run. CCK has an outdoor fenced yard where my dogs can run around and walk them many times in a day. The camp staff plays with my dog, and if I OK it, they play in groups. When I want my dog to exercise alone, or with other dogs, they ask my permission and they watch my dogs carefully. I'll always use CCK - they're the best I've found. - Betty F.
Jarrettsville 11-07-2012 5 They take especially great care of our dog Princess and she loves going there. We would continue to use them always. - Duane & Melanie S.
Shrewsbury 11-07-2012 5 We have boarded our Rusty at the Shrewsbury location before and been very pleased. He is a very anxious little guy. He usually comes home expectedly lethargic for a few days. No fault of CCK. This week when we picked him up he had no difficulty readjusting!! The caretakers did a terrific job! We also boarded a previous dog at the Jarretsville location. Our Sparkles loved her time there especially her time in the pond! I would highly recommend either of these kennel locations. Fantastic facility and operation! My large breed and very active canine friend really loves the people there. If you want peace of mind and great care for your "buddy", send 'em over. Note: I have used the facility about 15 times in the last 18 months and the stays have been for a day and as long as 10 days. - Luann
Scott Creek 11-07-2012 4 The best place for your four legged ones to spend time away from home. And the ONLY place we've been where our dogs heads TO it from the car, instead of back to the car. Friendly staff, lots of fun activities for your pet! Highly recommended! - James

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