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'Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.'





PetFinders - see adoptable dogs and cats that need loving homes and are ready to rescue you.


Jason Debus Heigl Foundation - Katherine Heigl organization to promote and support spay and neutering.  "7 million cats and dogs enter national shelters each year,  4 million never get out alive.". Also visit   See her funny video on her other site


The Humane Society - national organization for animal rescue, animal advocacy, animal shelters and so much more




Products and Books


Pet Factory - Made in the USA rawhide products


Strictly Animals - all kinds of gifts related to animals - book on chewed dog toys. Also see  






CCK Funnies - a collection of pet cartoons, pet videos, and humorous stories to make you laugh hard, or help you in a time of loss with The Ranibow Bridge.


A Place to Love Dogs - photos, stories and more


Critteristic - photos and videos of dogs, cats, and other pets


The Pet Collective - YouTube channel  - We are The Pet Collective and we're here to celebrate our furry friends and the enriching effect that pets have on our lives through informative and adorable content. Join esteemed animal experts, trainers and behavioral specialists; a plethora of the cutest pets; a star studded celebrity lineup; and an active animal loving community on this journey to discovering clips that will warm your heart and make you laugh like never before!

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