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Dog and Cat Grooming


   Baths   Don't dirty your clothes or your vehicle - have us bathe your dog or cat and they'll be all nice and clean and smelling fresh. Receive a FREE bath when your pet receives at least one camp activity each day of board for 4 or more days.  
  HydroSurge™ Bathing

The HydroSurge™ Animal bathing is a unique system in pet bath technology. Your pet will love the relaxing massage received by a vigorous flow of shampoo and warm water. Currently not available at the Shrewsbury locatin.

The HydroSurge™ concept uses a hand held massage sprayer which penetrates the warm bathing solution through the coat for a thorough cleaning. Invigorating whirlpool jet action removes loose hair, dry, flaking or dead skin, and other debris for the healthiest skin possible. HydroSurge™ will greatly enhance the effectiveness of shampoos or other coat and skin treatments. For chronic skin problems, regularly scheduled HydroSurge™ therapeutic baths (i.e. once or twice weekly) are recommended. You'll notice the difference!   It's FREE when receiving at least 2 camp activities during each day of board for 4 or more days.

  HydroSurge Bathing 





Rates Effective January 1, 2014

All Locations
   Baths Starting at $ 15 (Call to receive a quote)
   HydroSurge™ Bathing $ 10 + bath charge
   Dip $ 10 + bath charge
   Nail Clip $ 10
   Mink Oil Treatment $ 10 + bath charge


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