Camp Activities


Camp Activities

Most kennels & vets are equipped to confine, feed, and water dogs and cats. Neighbors or pet sitters can take care of your pet’s physical needs by stopping in. While these physical needs are important, what about his/her emotional needs? Dogs can become extremely bored and stressed when suddenly left alone for days or weeks. They need interaction and companionship, especially at this time.


Our camp programs are a feature unique to our kennels. They are designed to keep your pet entertained and safe in your absence, to reduce his/her stress, and keep your pet contented. Each of these play sessions offers 15 minutes of individualized, one-on-one time between your pet and his/her caretaker. We work with all pets according to their individual personalities and physical conditions. Much like children view their school and teachers, dogs accept us as their home away from home.  In just a day or so most dogs know our routine and enjoy participating.


Going for a walk along our picturesque property... your dog will love their fun walks exploring and sniffing our large properties.   Swim in the pond... enjoy the fun and therapeutic benefits of swimming in our large pond (Jarrettsville) or pool located in fenced-in yards.
Playing off-leash in large fenced-in yards ... Dogs really enjoy playing with their caretaker. They may run freely & enjoy games of ball, fetch, frisbee, stick or tug of war.
  Enjoying some TLC time! Most importantly, our camp sessions offer your pet some TLC. Some pets prefer to cuddle up for some affection and belly rubs instead of yard play.

We work with all of our dogs on an individual basis to make their camp experience personalized, safe, and enjoyable. Multiple pets within the same family may camp together unless requested otherwise. We include one camp session for all of our canine boarders in our 'Camp' package, but owners have the option of selecting two, three, four, or five daily sessions for each pet for an additional cost.



Doggy Daycare - Hoops Doggy Daycare - Just Running Around Doggy Daycare - Playing Keep Away Doggy Daycare - Pool Party Doggy Daycare - Popping Bubbles



All activities are $12 per pet, per session.

Scott Creek Jarrettsville Shrewsbury
   Nature Walk * * *
   TLC Time * * *
   Play Ground * * *
   Pond Swim   *  
   Play Group * * * *


* If your dog is friendly and fits the criteria, he/she may be included in a size appropriate playgroup.  All dogs must pass an evaluation (no bullies) and have owners’ permission.  Playgroups are about 30 minutes to an hour of action-packed fun.


All activities except Play Group are one-on-one sessions with your pet that last about 15 minutes each.   Sign your dog up for as many as 5 times a day.


When receiving a camp activity during each of 4 or more full days of boarding, your dog will be given a complimentary FREE Bath.



Other Information

  • All facilities have emergency back up generators
  • All accommodations are heated / air conditioned and may include the following:
    • Cot, fleece bed, fresh water, food, treats, and toys
    • Daily room service, Outdoor potty visits, Pleasant Music, Lots of love and attention!
  • Not all types of accommodations are available at all locations.
  • We can administer medications and special meals
  • Licensed and fully insured.

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