Who can resist a good puppy or kitten photo, cartoon, or story about a beloved pet dog or cat?  Take a break and enjoy some better funnies that we’ve collected just to bring you a smile.  If you like them; please tell your friends and / or link to this Funnies page.  You may even have a few to contribute – so just attach your funnies to an email from our Contact Us page.  Enjoy !!!  Complements of Country Comfort Kennels.


Click on individual Photos & Cartoons or Quotes & Stories to enlarge them, and click on Show More to see many more funnies.  On any open Photos & Cartoons or Quotes & Stories, move your cursor to their upper left or right edge and click on Prev or Next to enhance your viewing experience.  Videos can be enlarged by clicking on the full screen symbol in the lower right corner of the video.


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Photos & Cartoons

No Touching Please
Another Puppy?

Anything Friendlier than a Wet Dog?
Idiot Friends - We All Have Them

Surfing Snowboarding Skateboarding
Throw the Stick
Pool Party !!!
Cats with Thumbs

Quotes & Stories

The Rainbow Bridge

Dogs Don't Stay as Long

More Quotations about Dogs

Don't Mess with Mamma

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